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Welcome to Efutura City

Before You Buy

As we are waiting for the corona virus to subside we have offered local solutions that will help businesses stay in business while practicing safety guidelines. You can view products and stores up to a 30 mile radius.

The store will send you a notification through email when your product is ready to be picked up. On average the wait time is 30 minutes. Please check store hours on the merchants store page and order minimum 1 hour before they close or you may have to wait until the next operational scheduled date. 

When you arrive you can call the contact number on the profile or contact them through the Get Support section on their page. Please provide the description of your vehicle and if it is in a larger parking lot describe what you are by. We encourage you not to get out of your vehicle and to keep a face mask on along with having hand sanitizer as this reduces the spread of Covid 19 Corona Virus for your safety and the employee that brings your products. When the employee brings your order out please allow them to put your items in the trunk. Please review official shopping guidelines here

Each store can set discounts on products. Type in the codes at checkout to receive offers. 

Meet Efutura

Hit the mic and say search then the item you are looking for or say shop then the store your looking for. 

Efutura City
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